Audition Angst...or not?

Well, since I only posted about 40 minutes ago, I decided I will post again. But only because I want to play around with the features.

It's so strange. Last year if you asked me about my feelings at this exact time, I would've probably screamed, punched, or given you whip-lash, etc. But this year I seem to find my self pretty....mellow. That's been a trend in my life a lot lately. Things would happen that should affect me negatively and I would be completely numb. Not even laughing it off, I would just feel blah. That probably makes no sense. Oh well. I'm not sure anyone is going to read this. But if you are, I should explain.

I'm a dancer. This week I have auditions for a competitive team and a company. The auditions consist of ballet for a couple of hours, in which our ballet instructor places us in our levels of technique and pointe classes for that year (except we only have one level of pointe placement is blear-witted if you ask me). Then the audition proceeds to choreography. We work on that for a few hours, and are told at different times to go individually to the smaller studio to perform. Ugh. Just thinking about it now I am having angst. Sheesh. Next--ew I feel like I'm writing a paper in third grade with terrible use of transition words!--we're asked to do all splits, pirouettes, and arabesques......and....the moment of truth....the dance. DUN DUN DUN! I need a tape player or something so I can record my own various music for everyday life.

When all is said and done, all of us are pretty beaten up because it tends to involve us throwing ourselves around on the floor. It's actually quite fun. To top it off, I have two more auditions this year (hopefully). One for a Fantastikals position as a dancer in the Renaissance Faire. Which is not geeky, shut up. The other is still not confirmed. For lack of a better word though, I'm psyched! Now all I have to do is get through the evils of high school everyday. Almost done. Almost halfway.
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